Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Registration
    1. How do I register?

You can register by clicking on ‘Create a Free Account’ button located at the top right corner of the home page. Alternatively, click on the Register link on the Login page.

    1. Do I need to register before shopping on glubery?

Yes, you do need to register before shopping with glubery. However, you can browse the website even without registration. It is only when you checkout that you need to register.

    1. Can I register multiple times using the same Phone Number or Email ID?

Sorry, each Phone Number or Email ID can only be used to register and create only one customer account. 

  1. Login/Account related
    1. How do I login?

Click on ‘Sign In’ link located in the right side of the website header. On clicking the same it will redirect you to the Login page. There are 2 options provided to all users to enable their login – ‘Phone Number’ or ‘Email Id’. Default mode will be to enter the registered phone number. Once done, click on the ‘Continue’ button shown below that field. Upon clicking the ‘Continue’ button you will be prompted to enter your ‘Password’. Enter your ‘Password’ and click on ‘Login’ button shown below. On clicking ‘Login’ button, it will take you to your Home Page to continue shopping with your personalized experience. Alternatively, you can login with your email id as well by clicking on the Email link on Login page. The overall steps will remain same.

    1. I am unable to login

In case you are unable to login then please recheck the login credentials that you have entered or click on the link provided in front of ‘Forgot Password?’ at the login page itself. This will navigate you to a page from where you can reset your password to login again successfully. In case you are not able to recollect the login id then you can use the phone number in place of the same.

    1. Where can I see my account related details?

You can click on ‘My Account’ button visible in the top right section of the page once you are logged into the application. All your Account related information like profile, orders, addresses, wallet etc. details are available under this section.

    1. How can I change my password?

To change your glubery password, click on ‘My Account’ button visible in the top right section of the page once you are logged into the application. On clicking the button, you will see a drop down with multiple options, click on ‘Profile’ in the same. On clicking ‘Profile’ you will be redirected to your profile page where you can see the basic profile details of your registered account along with a link – ‘Change Password’. Clicking on that link will navigate you to Change Password page. Enter the new password here and change your existing password.

    1. What if I enter the incorrect profile details like GST number while registering online?

To edit any of your profile details like GST number, click on ‘My Account’ button visible in the top right section of the page once you are logged into the application. On clicking the button, you will see a drop down with multiple options, click on ‘Profile’ in the same. On clicking ‘Profile’ you will be redirected to your profile page where you can see your details. At the bottom of the profile information there is be an ‘Edit’ button. On clicking that button, you can edit any of your personal information including profile image. Once the changes are done click on the ‘Save Changes’ button to ensure the changes are saved and reflected in your account. 

    1. How do I Logout of the application?

Click on ‘My Account’ button visible in the top right section of the page. On clicking the button, you will see a drop down which will have ‘Logout’ link at the bottom of it. Click on the same to Logout of your logged in profile.

    1. Is it possible to deactivate my account?

If you wish to deactivate your account, kindly mail us at or call us at +91-9559554455 and we will be able to help you with the same.

  1. Product / Price / Promotion / Subscription / Favourites
    1. How do I look for a particular Product?

You can search for a product by navigating through the category pages as specified or by using search tab on top of every page.

    1. How will I know the Price or Promotion on any Product?

For our customer’s ease, we have listed 3 different Price points for all our products:

      1. MRP – Maximum retail Price as listed by the Manufacturing company
      2. Price including GST – This is the discounted price offered by glubery team on that particular product including GST (CGST+SGST). This is the price that a customer will have to pay for that product while checking out in case there is no other offer/coupon/discount applicable.
      3. Price excluding GST - This is the discounted price offered by glubery team on that particular product including GST (CGST+SGST). This is the effective price of that product if GST is claimed on that purchase by the customer.
    1. Can I subscribe a product?

Yes, you can subscribe a product. We provide both weekly and monthly subscription to our customers which comes with additional savings for you. There are two ways you can subscribe the product.

      1. Search the product you want to subscribe. Click on the product to go to the product details page. You will find Subscription option between the product name and price. It will also show the price benefit in case of subscription. On selecting Subscribe button, you will get an option to choose from either Weekly or Monthly subscription along with days/dates option.
      2. When you click on the cart icon located on top of your screen after adding products(s) to cart, you will be redirected to Cart review page. On this page against each and every product added in the cart you will get an option to subscribe the product, again both Weekly or monthly as an option.
    1. Do you allow users to maintain Favourites list and how can I add product(s) to that?

Yes, we do allow our users to maintain their own Favourites list.

  1. Ordering
    1. How do I place an Order?

Kindly follow the following steps to place an order:

      1. Search the product(s) you intend to buy either navigating through our categories or by using the search bar on top of each page.
      2. Once you have found your product(s), click on it to view the product details and then click on the “Add to Cart” button. Alternatively click on the cart icon available on the smaller product widget to add that product in the cart.
      3. Once all the product(s) are added to the cart, click on the cart icon available at the top of your page.
      4. You will be redirected to cart page in order to help you review your cart. This page will enable you to change the quantity of the product(s) added, subscribe the product(s) or even delete the product(s). This page will also show you the Subtotal, GST and Total amount payable. Once the cart is finalized click on the button – ‘Proceed to Billing Details’.
      5. You will now be redirected to a page that will have final steps for checkout. Step 1 is Selecting the delivery address. All the addresses that are added in your profile will be readily available for you to select. Or you can add a new address to get the product(s) delivered by clicking on the link ‘Add New Delivery Address’.
      6. Step 2 is Select preferred delivery date: Select the date and tentative time – Pre/Post Lunch at your office to receive your order.
      7. On the right side of the page is where the product(s) in your cart will again be displayed. In this section you will also be displayed your glubery wallet balance. Clicking on the checkbox will enable you to utilize your wallet balance. You can also click on Apply Coupon in case you want to utilize a coupon available. A revised total amount will be displayed in case wallet / coupon has been utilized. And this will be your total amount payable which can now be paid by clicking on the button – ‘Make Payment’ at the bottom of the page.
      8. A pop will be shown on your screen to select your preferred mode of payment. Select the preferred option to make payment.
      9. If the payment is successful then you will be redirected to My Orders page. Your recently created order will be shown on this page under the section Upcoming Orders. It will also showcase the current status of that order along with other important information like Order ID, Tentative Delivery Date, Order Date, Order Total and Total Items ordered. Against each order you will get an option to view the order details or also get the invoice of that order.
    1. How do I know if I placed my order correctly?

Upon the successful completion of your order, you will be redirected to My Orders page where your recently created order will be displayed along with order details and an auto generated order number. An order confirmation email along with the order number will also be sent to your registered email address at the same time.

    1. Can I edit an order?

No, once the order is placed, you will not be able to edit that order.

    1. Can I call and place an order?

Unfortunately, this service is currently not available.

  1. Payment / Invoice
    1. What are the various modes of payment I can use for shopping?

There are multiple payment methods - Credit Card, Debit Card, Net banking, Third party Wallets that are available at glubery during checkout.

    1. Will I receive an invoice to claim my GST benefit?

Yes, if your GST number is registered with glubery then with every purchase that you will make from us, you will receive an invoice through which you can easily claim the GST benefits for your organization.

    1. What if I have lost my invoice, can I get an older invoice?

Yes, invoices for all your purchases are available all the time at our website. Go to My Orders section and invoices can be generated for both Upcoming Orders and Past Oders.

    1. I have received the wrong invoice. What do I do?

Please call on 9559554455 and lodge a complaint about your wrong invoice. You can also mail us through your mail box using “Complaints/Grievances” as the subject at We will resolve discrepancies, if any.

  1. Delivery
    1. How will I know if glubery delivers to my area?

Currently we are delivering only in Delhi and Gurugram region. If in case your office is in either of these locations then we will certainly cater your needs.

    1. Do you charge delivery fee?

There is no delivery fee in case your order is greater than 500 rupees. However, following charges are applicable if the order is below 500 rupees:

      1. Gurgaon = Rs. 50
      2. Delhi = Rs. 90
    1. Can I schedule my Delivery?

Yes, you can certainly schedule your delivery by choosing the date and time of the delivery during the checkout.

  1. Analytics
    1. What Analytics does glubery provides?

We believe that glubery is not just an e-commerce platform but is also a tool that enables our customers better manage, monitor and control their monthly spends. For this we have designed a dashboard for our customers that can be viewed under ‘My Account’.  This dashboard provides you a view of your total purchase, category wise spend, spend across offices etc.

    1. Can I view details of my spend across different time period?

Yes. We provide you a view across different time periods within these dashboards for you to do your own detailed analysis on your spend and make informed decisions.

    1. Can these dashboards be customized?

No, these dashboards are not customizable.

  1. Waste Management
    1. What is Waste Management offering from glubery?

We believe that businesses can play a pivotal role in improving our environment and saving Mother Earth, by just managing their waste more responsibly. Hence, we bring in our offering called ‘Trash to Cash’ – where you can schedule a pick up for your dry waste and we will provide you the wallet balance for that waste picked up. This waste will either be recycled or disposed responsibly and we will even offer you products made out of this waste which will be listed on our platform in respective categories.

    1. When can I get my waste picked up?

Pick up can be scheduled 48 hours from today’s date, on any of the dates as per your convenience. The calendar provided while scheduling a pick-up will automatically showcase all available dates applicable.

    1. Can I sell any kind of waste?

No, only dry waste that includes Paper, Cardboard, Plastic and Iron can be sold through glubery. Any kind of wet waste is a strict No, even if it is from the above 4 categories.

    1. How can I choose the pick-up address?

All the addresses that are by default your delivery addresses will be showcased on Waste Management page for you to choose that as a pick-up address. However, if required you can also add a new pick-up address provided it is in Delhi or Gurguram region.

    1. What will be the rates at which glubery will be purchasing this waste?

Our Rate List will be published on the Waste Management page and can be referred anytime. Also, this rate card is not static and will be changing as per market scenario.

  1. Get in touch with us!
    1. How do I contact you for feedback/queries/suggestions?

Please call on 9559554455 for any feedback/queries/suggestions. You can also mail us through your mail box using “feedback/queries/suggestions” as the subject at We would love to hear your feedback & suggestions and would also like to resolve your queries, if any.

    1. How can I make an enquiry?

At any/every page, you will see a question mark icon. On clicking that icon, a pop up will be shown wherein you can make an enquiry to us. Just fill in the necessary detail and inform us on the enquiry type – Corporate Supplies Or Event Supplies and we will certainly get back to you for more details. Else, you can call us at 9559554455 or mail us at with the email subhect as “Enquiry”. We will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

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